What Makes a Good Butt Plug?

What Makes a Good Butt Plug?

Whether or not you’re a stranger to the world of sex toys, almost everyone’s heard that a good butt plug can take your sexual experiences to the next level. But sometimes, finding a butt plug that's safe, comfortable, and effective requires more effort than you’d expect. With so many options on the market, you might be wondering what to look for, how to know it's safe, and how to know what’s best for you. If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive into the key elements to keep in mind when searching for a butt plug: 

Material Selection: 

The key to a good butt plug is choosing the right material. From personal experience, I can tell you that non-porous materials like silicone or glass are a must, as they're easy to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria. So please, for the love of all things bootylicious, avoid using porous materials like rubber or jelly. At Freely, we use the gold standard for sex toys - platinum-cured silicone. This is 100% body-safe and hands down the best in the business. 

Size and Shape: 

Size matters, folks! But don't worry, you don't need to go big or go home. A good butt plug should be tapered for easy insertion and gradually widen to provide a satisfyingly full feeling. It's also important to consider the length of the plug - a length of 4-6 inches is considered ideal for safety and comfort.


Another thing to keep your eye on is the length of the "neck" of the plug. This part's super important - it's where your anal sphincter will find its home while you're using your plug. The thing is, your sphincters take up space! The neck should be between 2 and 5 centimeters to sit comfortably in your butt.

Base Design:

The base of the butt plug is a crucial safety feature, as it prevents the plug from getting lost inside your butt. So, make sure the base is wider than the widest point of the plug, and consider looking at flared designs to ensure the plug stays in place.

There are a bunch of different kinds of bases, but the two most popular are “round” and “T-style” bases. In general, both of these are great options. When it comes to a silicone plug, a round base gives you a lot to hold onto, making it easier to insert and remove. For harder materials like metal or glass, you should generally opt for a T-style base because they sit between your cheeks a bit nicer - a must for these inflexible materials.


Nobody wants a butt plug that's uncomfortable or painful. Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference, but while a ridged texture can enhance the sensations, a smoother texture is generally more comfortable. A smooth finish can also help ease insertion and are better for long-term wear.

Ease of Use and Cleaning: 

A butt plug should be easy to use and clean because nobody got time for complicated cleaning routines. Make sure the plug is easy to insert and remove, and the base is easy to grip for added safety. Choose materials that are easy to clean and sanitize to prevent bacteria growth. The ones I mentioned above - platinum cure silicone, glass, and steel - can all be cleaned using warm soap and water.


Safety first, of course! You always want to make sure that you choose a butt plug that you think is right for you. If you’re new to using them, don’t feel pressured by others to size up or go for more advanced features before you’re ready. Everyone started somewhere and you can start as small as you like. 

In the end, choosing a butt plug should be a fun and exciting process, you’re about to unlock a whole new world of pleasure. I get it though, shopping with all this in the back of your mind can be exhausting, but I promise it’s worth it. 

That’s one of the reasons why Freely just launched our new semi-custom toy line. All of our toys are designed with these key elements in mind, for all experience levels. 

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