Freely is a modern and inclusive sexual wellness company that gives people the ability to create fully custom sex toys. We’re on a mission to make intimacy better—for all people.

The Start

Freely was founded by four friends who realized that we all have unique ways to engage with our sexual wellness, yet we’re all using the same off-the-shelf tools. By talking to everyone we could, we quickly learned that countless pleasure seekers are looking for unique toys that speak to them. Toys that were truly made for them. With this problem in mind, we immediately got to work with the goal to make buying a sex toy an intimate and fun experience for everyone.

Our Story

Buying sex toys is like putting a square peg through a round hole.

Let us explain. If you're like so many of the people we've spoken with while building Freely, you have unique sexual desires. Of course! You’re human after all! The problem is, it is way too hard to find a toy that fulfills your individual needs, or allows you to explore them. Spoiler alert: it usually doesn't exist yet. That means a lot of people settle for a sex toy that isn't quite right for them. Right when we started Freely, we surveyed more than 500 people about their experiences with sex toys. What did we find?

85% of people are not completely satisfied with their sex toys. Their toys could get the job done, but they didn’t feel connected to them.

Those things are easy to fix.

Or at least they should be. The problem is, almost nobody's fixing them. There are two solutions right now: to make a custom toy for yourself, which is really hard and pretty expensive (trust us, we found out the hard way) or to hire somebody to do that for you (less hard, much more expensive). You probably saw this coming, but that's where we come in.

Freely Today

Freely offers customizable silicone toys that enable anybody to explore and enhance their sexual wellness in a way that is personal and unique to them. Our online builder allows customers to choose the exact shape, size, color, and hardness of their toys. For those looking for more affordable custom toys, Freely offers a range of tried and true flagship products with customizable color and hardness.

Our team understands that every individual has unique needs and preferences when it comes to sexual wellness. Everyone deserves to have access to quality sexual health products and information that truly speaks to them. We invite you to join us in embracing a new era of sexual empowerment and discovery.