Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about Freely's Custom Toys, Orders & Shipping, and B2B Projects. Don't hesitate to shoot us an email if you've got extra questions.

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Custom Toys

What’s the difference between 'Shop Collection' and “Design Yours'?

Freely has 2 categories of toys, both of which are custom!

  • In 'Shop Collection', you can choose any of Freely’s tried and true flagship designs and customize its color and hardness
  • In 'Design Yours', you can make your very own toy by design its shape, size, color, and hardness

Are your toys body-safe?


All of our toys are made of 100% body-safe, platinum cure silicone. This material is the industry standard for high-quality toys because it is non-porous (making it easy to clean), long lasting (meaning it will not degrade over time), latex free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. The silicone has a skin-like softness and is extremely durable.

Also, while most sex toy stores do not test their silicone products for body-safety, Freely chose to invest in your safety. We had our toys tested by a reputable third-party laboratory (SGS Labs) to confirm that our toys are safe for internal use. They are!

I heard you use 3D printing to make the toys, is that safe?

To clarify, Freely does not actually 3D print the toys. 3D printing is used in the toy-making process, but you’ll never encounter anything 3D printed in any of our products. Our toys are made of 100% platinum cure silicone.

Are you planning on adding more customization features in the future?

Of course! We’re growing with and listening to our community. We have some ideas of what y’all might enjoy but we’d love your suggestions. Please reach out through the 'Contact Us' page.

What is the '2nd toy discount'?

Every customer that purchases a fully custom toy (from the 'Build Yours' section) will get the opportunity to purchase the same toy at 40% off, but in a different color and/or hardness! We can produce this second toy at such a lower cost because we will reuse your first toy’s mold.

Why are there limits to the size and shape of the toys in the builder?

Making sure our toys are safe to use is always our top priority. We limit certain dimensions from getting too small to make sure our toys do not tear under normal use. We also currently have a maximum size which is limited by our manufacturing methods. We are always working on new ways to offer bigger and better toys.

What are the maximum dimensions (length and width) of a custom toy?

  • Length: 10.7in | 27.2cm
  • Width: 4.6in | 11.8cm

If you max out the scale slider and haven't hit the maximum length, it's because you have hit the maximum width limit.

How does your pricing work?

Our toys are priced based on their size. If you decide to supersize your custom toy, the price will also get supersized. We also charge extra for add-ons like different colors and suction cups. But don't worry, it's always crystal clear on the site when an option costs more.

Can Freely make a custom toy that can’t be designed on the website?

Yes, we have done these types of commission projects before. Send us an email at explaining your design. We’ll let you know if we can produce it and send you a quote.

Will you post a picture of my custom order online?

Freely might post a picture of your toy online to promote custom toys. Obviously, toy pictures we post are never accompanied by any customer information.

Please email us at if you do not want a picture of your custom creation to be shared online.

Orders & Shipping

Is Freely's checkout secure?

Yes! Freely uses Shopify to handle payments. Shopify is a certified online payment processor; it ensures none of your personal payment information is recorded and that it is never seen by the Freely team.

How do charges appear on my card statement?

To keep your purchase discrete, Freely purchases will show up as: “9463-3500 Quebec Inc.” on your card statement (it is our legal corporation name).

Can I cancel my order?

Given your order is unique, we cannot guarantee cancellations. However, please email us at if you wish to cancel your order. We will be able to reimburse you if we have not started manufacturing your toy yet.

Does Freely ship internationally?

Yes! Your international shipping rate will be calculated at the checkout page and it varies with toy size.

If you live outside of Canada, you may be asked by your country's border authorities to pay duties or tariffs for your purchase. Duties are not included in our shipping rates given they are out of our control. We then advise you to check the customs/duties requirements of your country. We also recommend you check that sex toys are legal in your country given Freely will not reimburse any orders confiscated by border authorities.

How long will it take for my custom toy to arrive?

Depending on which country you ship your toy to and how much traffic we are experiencing, your custom toy will be delivered in 5 to 40 days from your order date. A more precise date range is supplied at checkout.

Is your packaging discreet?

Yes! Your order will arrive in an opaque package with no indication that there is a sex toy in it.

How can I sustainably dispose of the toy’s packaging?

Every part of the Freely packaging is recyclable except for the packing peanuts, which are biodegradable! Put the packing peanuts in your sink and run it, they dissolve in water!

B2B Projects

Can I design and sell my own toy with Freely?

Yes! We work with influencers, brands, and retailers to design and sell their very own toys.

Contact us to learn more : )

What's the design and sale process like?

If you would like to design and sell your very own toy, contact us and we will schedule an exploratory call with you.

If the opportunity is in line with the types of projects we do, we'll:

  1. Iteratively design a toy together
  2. Send you the pototype and any revisions based on feedback
  3. Make product page for your toy (if you don't already have a website or store)
  4. Sell the toy on a made-to-order or wholesale basis (whatever you prefer)
  5. Produce, package, and ship the toy