• Soft

    Shore Hardness: 00-30

    Similar to a gummy bear

    It is as soft as most fantasy and artisanal toys, meaning it contracts a lot (squishy), and is very flexible (wobbly).

  • Medium

    Shore Hardness: A-10

    Similar to a relaxed muscle

    While it is much softer than mass-produced silicone toys, it is also harder than most fantasy and artisanal toys.

  • Firm

    Shore Hardness: A-20

    Similar to a flexed muscle

    It is slightly softer than generic on-the-shelf toys but is still too firm for fantasy toys that have sharper surface features.

  • Extra-Firm

    Shore Hardness: A-30

    Similar to a pencil eraser

    It is similar to mainstream on-the-shelf dildos. Gives the toy stability, although avoid extra firm if your toy has any relatively sharp features.

Which is right for me?

Toy type

Your choice of silicone hardness depends heavily on your toy’s use-case (ie. vaginal or anal). We generally recommend you select a softer silicone for anal play, and firmer for vaginal.


The shape and proportions of toys are important to consider if you want them to stand on their own. Some models that have a very slender shaft or that are very top heavy will not stand on their own regardless of firmness, but more firm silicone will help. Also, when a toy has less silicone in an area (e.g., the stem or tip), it will feel softer and more flexible than an area that's very thick or dense. Finally, we caution you againsts using firm silicone if your toy design has a very complex (non linear or smooth) shape, because insertion will be more difficult.


A factor to keep in mind is that larger toys will always feel harder and less flexible than their softer counterparts due to their larger volume. Also, some users choose to make a large soft toy, which will give a full feeling when inserted, whearas others opt for a smaller firm toy; be careful with large firm toys, they might not fit...

All things considered, your choice of firmness truly depends on your personal preferences and your toy design’s shape and size. If you have hesitations or further questions, you can and should contact us and our customer service will be more than happy to help you.