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An arcane challenge that will rock your world.

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Crackling with arcane power, Brutus is the perfect toy for you if you’re looking for your next challenge. Its large, round head is designed with anal pleasure in mind, made specifically to stretch you out perfectly as it pushes into you. As you slide down the thick shaft, bold ridges squeeze into you over and over again and are sure to drive you wild. The perfect combination of girth and length, Brutus is ready to rock your world.

Looking for intense anal pleasure but still a beginner? No problem! Open Brutus in the customizer to tweak its girth, length, and shape to suit your needs.


We strongly recommend washing your toys before every use. Submerging your toys in boiling water for over 1 minute is the most efficient way to clean your toy. We know that sounds like a hassle, so an easier option is to use any mild soap, rinse well with warm water, and dry thoroughly. If you’re absolutely too lazy to clean your toy, the last resort is to put a condom on it - just make sure it isn’t lubricated with silicone-based lube because it will degrade your toy.

Make sure your toys are completely clean and dry before storing them. You can simply put them in a plastic or cloth bag - anything that will avoid your toys getting contaminated by touching other objects.


Freely is a strong advocate for using lube with your toys, although not all types of lubes are compatible with silicone toys. Most high quality toys (including Freely toys) are made of platinum-cured silicone which can only be used with water and oil based lubes. Silicone based lube will deteriorate your silicone toy’s surface and ruin it. The only way to use silicone based lube with a silicone toy is to use a condom over the toy.


Total Length: 15.7cm | 6.2in

Insertable Length: 12.7cm | 5.0in

Max Width: 6.4cm | 2.5in

Girth: 20.0cm | 7.9in

Suction Cup: Yes

  • 100% body safe platinum-cure silicone
  • Phthalate-free
  • Latex-free
  • Waterproof
  • Flared base
  • Do not use with silicone-based lubricant
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