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Bubbles by Luna Matatas

Bubbles by Luna Matatas

Peg the Patriarchy® with Bubbles

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  • Body-safe tested
  • Discreet billing & shipping
  • Lifetime warranty


Make your pegging dreams come true with the Bubbles strap-on dildo! Freely teamed up with Sex and Pleasure Educator Luna Matatas to design a pegging dildo that prioritizes pleasure. The Bubbles dildo features a strap-on compatible base, a unique design for targeted anal pleasure and provides a body safe experience from its premium platinum cure silicone.

The Bubbles’ unique dildo design means that you can thrust your heart out with the smoother part of the dildo and when you’re ready for more depth, you ease one or two bubbles in. Bubbles creates a pleasurable 'pop' effect upon insertion, heightening pleasure and increasing sensitivity around the initial inches of the rectum. This design element allows for incredible stimulation without the need for deep thrusting, making it ideal for those seeking intense pleasure at their own pace.

The firmer silicone body means greater control during pegging and easier anal penetration. The ‘bubbles’ on the dildo create a massaging stimulation in a pleasure-rich area of the rectum. Grinding and shallow thrusting becomes more intense with Bubbles - giving you the power to increase stimulation without decreasing your stamina.

Use Bubbles for strap-on play, anal training for larger or deeper anal penetration, and prostate stimulation. Can Bubbles be used vaginally? Absolutely. Bubbles has the perfect mix of firmness and flexibility, and its girth and length are great for anal or vaginal sex. Whether you're a beginner exploring new realms of pegging pleasure or an experienced enthusiast seeking the ultimate pegging experience, Bubbles is built to take your intimacy to another level.



Total Length: 18.6cm | 7.3in
Insertable Length: 16.6cm | 6.5in
Max Width: 4.0cm | 1.6in
Max Girth: 12.7cm | 5in
Suction Cup: No

  • 100% body safe platinum-cure silicone
  • Phthalate-free
  • Latex-free
  • Waterproof
  • Flared base
  • Do not use with silicone-based lubricant
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