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The Strike by Gwen Graham

The Strike by Gwen Graham

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  • Body-safe tested
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Meet The Strike: the anal dildo that’s sure to be unique from anything else in your toybox. When Freely teamed up with porn maker and self-proclaimed sex toy nerd Gwen Graham, they created a dildo that would provide an experience that doesn’t yet exist in the world of anal, dreamed up with her submissives and anal toy connoisseurs at the forefront of her mind. Made with firm, platinum-cured silicone and designed with a curve, The Strike offers two delicious stretching sensations while stimulating the prostate (or the G-spot!)

With its bowling pin-like shape, The Strike has two sections. The first few inches are perfect for vigorous thrusting, and the base knot can be worked in for added depth and feelings of fullness. The Strike’s head pops in upon entry, causing an immediate stretch, with an option to take it to a whole new level by taking it even deeper for those wanting some extra challenge.

Whether you’re looking for a pegging dildo, anal stretching training, deep penetration, or prostate stimulation, The Strike is designed to give you a world of pleasure that’s unique from any other dildo out there. The curve and girthy head also made it well-suited for hitting the G-spot. The Strike offers a variety of ways to take your pleasure into your own hands—just like a 300 game, it’s absolutely perfect.



Total Length: 15.8cm | 6.2in
Insertable Length: 13.8cm | 5.5in
Max Width: 4.7cm | 1.8in
Max Girth: 14.4cm | 5.8in
Suction Cup: No

  • 100% body safe platinum-cure silicone
  • Phthalate-free
  • Latex-free
  • Waterproof
  • Flared base
  • Do not use with silicone-based lubricant
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